Sports Development

Sports Development

Sport and play has the potential to change lives. Being active plays an important role in developing a child both physically as well as socially and cognitively. Important life skills are developed when children play, interact and learn from one another. For example, our programs have seen improved self-confidence and self-esteem amongst boys and girls, values of teamwork and respect are encouraged and most importantly children have fun while learning new skills.

Giving children the opportunity to explore a variety of sporting codes through our programs has a long term impact on that child and the community at large. At a young age, children should be exposed to different sporting codes to develop not only a variety of skill but also interest. Moreover, All Out Africa is able to identify potential talent for the nation, as well as encourage the uptake of physical activity amongst girls and young women. Our daily sporting practices always include girls, and we often encourage young women to take part in our co-ed tournaments and be empowered through play and activity.

Goal: Improved life skills through play and sport

Our objective is to use sport as a tool for development, whereby children learn valuable life skills through play and activity. The program itself is vast and includes various sporting codes, for both males and females; operating out of Neighbourhood Care Points and within local schools communities. By establishing a sound platform to engage children in activity and exposing them to various sports, the Foundation acts as a platform for development as well as identifying talent. Working in collaboration with partners in the sports development realm, national sporting associations and donors we are able to improve the lives of children in need. Important life skills acquired through sport and play include: self-confidence, communication, teamwork, and the physical components of fundamental movement skills (run, jump, and throw). Our latest collaboration also includes theater, art and drama which adds an exciting element of play to our children and staff.

To make a donation to strengthen our Sports Development programs for purchase of uniforms, prizes, or a general donation to increase participation please follow the Support link.