Are you interested in sponsoring a child in need? Our program currently has a wait-list for certain children looking for sponsorship, particularly high school aged children in need who need assistance with their exam or school fees.

The following students have been identified as children in need for 2015 seeking sponsorship:

Jabulile Mavimbela:
She is a single orphan girl who lost her mother five years back. She stays with her sister who depends on casual jobs for their living. She never met her father and the whereabouts of him are not known. They also do not have a home but stays at a chief’s residence. She is in need of education sponsorship to pay for her examination which E2 500.00.

Vusumuzi Zulu:
He is a double orphan who is doing form two at Somnjalose High School. He lives with his siblings in a rented flat and there is no source of income in the family as they are all school-going. Their parents died and left them in that flat without a home. He is indeed of E2 600.00 to pay for school fees.

Menzi Dlamini:
Menzi is a boy who is doing form two at Mtfonjeni High school. He is raised by her single mother who is not working but is volunteering at an NCP as a cooking lady. The need for sponsorship is there that there is no source of income in the family. All the kids in the family drop out at Primary school. Menzi is the only child who has reached secondary school in the family.

Nokuthula Mgabhi:
Nokuthula is a fourteen year old girl. She is doing form three at Nyandza High school. She was abandoned by her father and is now being raised by her mother who is not working but volunteering in a Neighbourhood care point as a teacher. Nokuthula owes R2000.00 to cover for school fees for last year and 7000.00 for this year. She was allowed to go to the next grade but still has to pay the balance for last year and for this present year as well.