Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship

Welcome to the All Out Africa Foundation Child Sponsorship Program!

Access to education is a right for every child.  Due to the AIDS pandemic of the early 2000’s nearly one third of Swazi children are orphaned or double orphaned meaning they now live with their grandmothers, relatives or on their own, and cannot afford their primary and secondary education.
By sponsoring a child, you are making a difference in a child’s life by giving him/her the chance to go to school, which is an important step in breaking the cycle of poverty!

Child Sponsorship

The child sponsorship program was established in 2009, and currently sponsors nearly 300 children in NCPs, primary schools and high schools.  The sponsorship program is aimed at addressing the financial barrier to education through support from sponsors to cover the cost of school fees, uniforms and other associated costs.  The sponsorship program has been assisting many Swazi children to go to school and reach their full potential. A new program which is about to launch this year includes a homework clubs specifically targeting our sponsored children so they can enhance their learning after school.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact us for more information. Current annual fees are E2,100 per child. This amount may vary depending on additional transport, uniform or exam fees described by the school which the child is attending. For queries, please contact Dlalsile, our sponsorship coordinator: or

sponsorshipSponsorship Duration

The duration of the sponsorship is generally is 3 years for pre-primary, seven years for primary, and five years for secondary. Should the child repeat a grade level, the Sponsor can choose to extend the agreement to continue their sponsorship until the child completes the education cycle.


The Sponsor agrees to pay the annual sponsorship fee of R2100. This amount will include school fees, uniform, and administration fee for All Out Africa Foundation. Uniforms are mandatory for school attendance at primary level or higher, therefore The Sponsor agrees to cover the cost of uniforms which is to be included in the annual sponsorship fee.

The payment shall be made via credit card or electronic bank transfer. The Foundation NO LONGER uses Pay Pal. In case of credit payment, the Sponsor shall fill out and return the Credit Card Authorization Form provided by All Out Africa via email or fax.

Bank transfer shall be made to:

Bank Name: Nedbank, Swaziland
Branch Name: Mbabane (Gables)
Bank Physical Address: 3rd Floor Nedbank Centre; Swazi Plaza, Mbabane Swaziland
Bank Postal Address: PO Box 68 Mbabane, Swaziland
Branch code: 360164
Account Name: All Out Africa Foundation
Account Holder’s Address: Main Road MR 103 Ezulwini Swaziland H107
Account No.: 020 000 327 094
Swift code: nesw szmx

For Credit card Payments, please contact us for a credit card form.

The Sponsor agrees that:
a) there will be sufficient funds in the nominated bank account or credit card account to cover the sponsorship fee for the transaction which will take place in August each year.
b) advise All Out Africa if the nominated bank account or credit card account is transferred or closed.

Where the Sponsor believes that a debit to his/her credit card account has been made without his/her authorisation (“Unauthorised Debit”) the Sponsor agrees to advise All Out by written notice or verbally advising the Sponsorship Coordinator immediately upon becoming aware of the Unauthorised Debit.

Allout agrees to refund the amount of the Unauthorised Debit to the Sponsor where we cannot show that the Sponsor authorised the Debit.

Change of Terms

All Out Africa reserves the right to change the terms on which you have entered this agreement by giving the Sponsor 14 days written notice. Changes may include increasing the amount of the Contribution, altering the frequency of Contribution or altering the Debit Date. The Sponsor will be bound by such changes unless he/she advises All Out Africa that he/she does not agree to them by sending a written notice to the Sponsorship Coordinator via or

Termination of the Agreement

The Sponsor agrees that All Out Africa has the right to terminate this agreement by written notice to him/her in its absolute discretion without giving any reasons.

The Sponsor may terminate this agreement with All Out Africa Foundation by written notice to All Out Africa advising the Sponsorship Coordinator via or prior to August every year.

Personal Information

By entering into this agreement, the Sponsor agrees to provide personal information to All Out to process the sponsorship application.

Responsibilities of All Out Africa;

This information is set up to provide guidance about the roles and responsibilities of All Out to ensure that the Sponsor’s contribution is used for the intended purpose and benefits the sponsored child.

  • Purchase and distribute the uniforms, paying school fees and distributing any additional funds from you for the child and the family.
  • Retain all financial records which can be shared with Sponsors upon request.
  • Upload progress reports and pictures of your child two times a year which you can access via website login.
  • Notify the Sponsor should the sponsored child drop out of school or should the family circumstances change and the child no longer requires financial assistance.
  • Send the Sponsor a credit card authorisation form to complete when the Sponsor’s details are due for renewal.
  • Distribute additional funds and gifts from Sponsors to the respective children and their families.
  • Each year All Out Africa receive an updated fee structure from schools, following this we will average out the number of children sponsored over all the school grades they are entering into and determine an average cost for all sponsors to collectively pay. The child you have specifically chosen will receive fees, uniforms first and foremost. Any funds remaining will be used for direct assistance and projects that address issues that affect children’s learning.
  • Handle personal information of the Sponsor and the Sponsored child responsibly and securely and will only use the information for the Sponsorship program.

Responsibilities of the Sponsor;

This information is set up to provide guidance to the Sponsor about the roles and responsibilities he/she plays in ensuring the contribution benefits the sponsored child.

  • Commit to sponsoring the child for the duration the education cycle at each level, i.e. pre-primary (x years), primary (7 years), and secondary (5 years).
  • Inform All Out Africa of any change of contact details.
  • Immediately notify Allout Africa should your personal circumstances change, affecting your ability to continue to sponsor your child.
  • Will not email or publish online any photos and/or personal information (name, age, geographical location) of your sponsored child as this may create risks to the privacy, dignity, and personal safety of the child.


Some useful tips for Sponsors…


All Out Africa will send an update of your child once or twice a year, which means you will receive updated photos or a copy of their report cards. If the report cards are unavailable you will be notified if your child has passed and will progress to the next year.  This information will be uploaded on the website which can be accessed via your login page (please check, My Child).   All Out will carry out two monitoring visits per child per year to monitor the child’s progress and identify any issues which need to be addressed. This will be a collaborative effort with their nearby NCP caregiver. The Sponsor will be informed should any issues which may affect the child’s learning arise from the monitoring visits.

Corresponding with your child

Children love hearing from you and it’s a great way for you to find out from them how they are doing, and how their lives are changing as a result of your support.  There are several ways to correspond with your child.

  • Writing letters

You can write letters to your child and post them to:

Name of Child, C/O All Out Africa Foundation

PO Box 153, Lobamba, Swaziland

All Out Africa Foundation Staff will deliver the letter to your child.  Please make sure to clearly indicate the name of the child on the envelope.

  • Messages via website login

You can also use the message box on your website login to send messages to your child.  All Out Africa Foundation staff will print the messages and deliver them to your child.

Sending gifts

We do welcome certain gifts from sponsors to the children.  However, there are some restrictions in order to avoid jealousy and inequalities amongst the children and their families.  Also, large gifts incur high import VAT for All Out which must be paid upon receiving the parcel.

Do Send: Small gifts which fit into an A5 size envelope such as pencils, stickers, messages, bandannas, hair clips, note pads, bookmarks etc.

Do Avoid: Large gifts, gifts that look expensive

When sending an envelope, please clearly indicate the name of the child on the envelope. For any queries, please contact us a or

 Thank you for your continuous support in touching the lives of Swazi children!!!