Education is the first priority in reversing the cycle of poverty. Children need to be educated, guided and cared for to achieve their maximum human potential. In Swaziland, only 21.6% of preschool age children have access to early childhood education, thus our mission of improving lives of people (OVC’s) in need is achieved through basic access to education. Starting at our six Neighbourhood Care Points orphaned and vulnerable children are given the care, food and level of education they need during their early childhood education years. Supporting our voluntary teachers and cooking ladies at our NCP’s we help develop curriculums and opportunities for development for the children that come to our centres. Through our NCP’s we are able to identify those children in need that need further financial assistance to attend school.

Goal: Increased number of children in need attending school

In 2008 our child sponsorship scheme started with giving 8 children the opportunity to attend school. Today, the program has grown to nearly 300 children being given the opportunity to attend school, whether at pre-school, primary or tertiary level. Our child sponsorship scheme covers by costs of school fees, transport, uniform and stationary material. Moreover, with the support of NCP teachers we are able to identify and address social and health issues of the children sponsored through our program, and help through support of in-kind donations when possible.

Our vision is to continue to grow this program to reach all those children who would otherwise not be able to attend school due to lack of fees or encouragement from their community.

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