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Food Security

Food Security

As part of our holistic approach to improving the lives of children and communities in need, our food security initiatives vary in programming. Working out of six Neighbourhood Care Points in Swaziland, we help provide food to orphaned and vulnerable Children.  However due to the vast numbers of children and families that are facing daily food shortages, these centres are unable to cater  for the full number of people in need, and provide more than one meal a day.

Moreover, as an organization we promote ownership of each of the NCP’s by their respective communities and encourage the caretakers to maintain their vegetable gardens to supplement staple diet with foods higher in nutrients, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. We are currently starting a gardening initiative, called “Green-Habits Gardens“. If you’d like to make a donation to our food security initiatives please follow the Support link and make sure to label your donation, Food Security.

The Foundation also receives donations for monthly food deliveries to individual families, often identified through our child sponsorship program. If you are able to make a donation to our Hunger Relief Fund please follow the Support link.

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