Build A Future

Community Building

Community Building

Our community building projects help build houses and construct various infrastructure for our NCP’s using local building materials and techniques. Working with volunteers or local community members our building team works tirelessly in one of Africa’s last remaining Monarchies where HIV AIDS is decimating rural communities and leaving many orphaned children with inadequate shelters.

The Build a Future Project aims to assist these vulnerable children through building basic shelters, gardens, water systems and other physical structures needed at households and care centres. At the same time it is our objective to transfer skills, provide basic accommodation and help give communities encouragement, and motivation to improve the quality of life. The project uses locally sourced building materials where possible and local methods. We construct mud bricks using a locally made compressor and use other local materials wherever possible.

Most NCP’s only started with a tree whereby we would find voluntary teachers teaching under the shade to offer OVCs an opportunity to come from their homesteads and feel a part of a family and more importantly, be given the care each child deserves. To date, we have built 7 classrooms, 3 kitchens, 5 playgrounds and are still constructing toilets, kitchens, playgrounds, store rooms and gardens for improved food security, not only for the children, but also the communities at large. One meal is also often provided at each NCP, though it doesn’t always include vegetables, and it is often the only meal of the day children will be sure to consume.

Currently, our building coordinator is working with the Dlangeni Community, helping a women’s artisans build a community hall for them to pursue their passions. This project is carried out in collaboration with Gone Rural Bomake.

Future projects for the year 2015 include two months work with World Challenge, building kitchens and classrooms, our gardening projects and mobilizing a new community to build a new NCP. If you’d like to support our Community Building projects, please follow the Support link.