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Our Mission


All Out africa was established in 2004 by a passionate and dedicated team, all sharing a single Vision:

A better Africa through working together for wildlife and people.


To work towards this vision, the directors of All Out defined a Mission for the organisation:

To engage people and resources from around the world in the research and action necessary for a sustainable Africa.

We believe we play a key role in Africa's future through research and action supported by responsible tourism. We believe in conserving Africa's natural and cultural heritage as a resource for its future. We believe in partnerships and working together and we believe in the value of Africa's wildlife and people.


The staff of All Out believe that goals are achieved through work, not words. Because of this, we are passionate about incorporating the Vision into everything we do: how we work; how we treat one another; and how we behave towards others and our environment. These are our values - they define who we are, not just as an organisation, but also as people.

we live by honesty, are governed by conscience, and care for and respect each other
we strive for a better future, foster growth and opportunity, nurture leadership and reward innovation
we empathise with others, communicate positively, believe in partnerships, work as a team and celebrate successes
we take individual responsibility, are accountable, efficient and effective
we take a deep interest in wildlife and people, are passionate about our work, strive for success and enjoy life
Wildlife Fund

All Out Africa's being responsible for funds management and disbursement for ECORAT Swaziland contributed greatly to the success of the project as they provided a timely, seamless, hassle-free and accurate service through the 3-year course of the project.

Dr. Themb'a Mahlaba
Head of Department of Biological Sciences, Un (24/01/2011)
Child sponsorship

Approximately 40 orphaned and vulnerable children have been sponsored through our program to attend school - thanks to all those kind donors.

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