Welcome to the All Out Africa Foundation!

All Out Africa’s non-profit organization is a registered charity based in Ezulwini, Swaziland. Our vision is to work together for a better future for wildlife and people in need in Southern Africa.
The construction of Neighbourhood Care Points including creating a safe and inviting learning environment are the foundation for children to foster growth and development. By identifying needs of our communities and the NCP’s the Foundation works together with the community, for the community at grassroots level to build the necessary infrastructure for a fruitful learning and/or living environment. Other areas of interest aside from infrastructure development include food security initiatives as well as water and sanitation projects. Swaziland hosts significant biological diversity and enormous challenges to both human well-being and the conservation of nature. By facilitating local and international field research projects at our Savannah Research Centre at Mbuluzi Game Reserve, and our Marine Research Centre at Tofo, Mozambique we are able to carry out international research and enhance local capacity. With a triad partnership with the University of Swaziland and the University of Florida we are able to support local and international researchers who are working to conserve ecosystems for a sustainable future. Sport and physical activity provide a platform for early positive experiences improving physical, social and cognitive well-being of children. Our programs provide an opportunity for boys and girls to improve their fundamental movement skills, explore different sporting codes such as swimming, horseback vaulting, cycling or football and at the same time, gain valuable life skills through play and activity. The majority of activities take place in and around our NCP’s working with vulnerable and orphaned children, while at the same time reaching out to the surrounding youth creating a platform for sport development opportunities.